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50 Tricks with Scotch and Soda

50 Tricks with Scotch and Soda

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Imagine this: The magician places an American Half Dollar and a Mexican centavo coin in the spactator hands. The magician bets the spectator that he can remove the copper centavo from their hand without them knowing it.

The spectator is confident in accepting the bet, but when they open their hand, it has magically become a querter!

That is onl one of the many effects possible with Scotch and Soda, the world greaters coin trick!

Armed with these incedibly clever coins, you will be blowing your spectator minds in no time!

The step by step instructions in this book will give you all the tips and tricks for performing with your Scotch and Soda coin set.


Inside this book you will find 50 different effects, including:

  • The Coin through Shoe
  • The Coin through the Table
  • The Amazing Quarter Trick
  • TYhe Vanishing Centavo
  • The Telekinetic Coin

...And much, much more!

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