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25 Tips and Tricks with Nickels to Dimes

25 Tips and Tricks with Nickels to Dimes

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Nickels to Dimes is one of the classic coin trick of all time. It's easy to do. It's fun. And it's amazing. Best of all, with this new book you'll be performing all kinds of tricks to amaze and amuse your spectators.

The basic effect is as follows: The magician displays a stack of four nickels and a small brass cap, just large enough co cover the nickels. The cap is placed over the nickels, covering them completely. When the cap is lifted, four dimes are found, the nickels have vanished completely!

That is only one of the many effects possible with Nickels to Dimes, the world's most popular coin trick! Armed with this incredibly deceptive coin set, you'll be blowing your spectator's minds in no time!

The step by step instructions in this book will give you all the tips and tricks for performing with your Nickels to Dimes coin set.

Inside this book you will find 25 tips and tricks, including:

  • Flash Vanish
  • Shrinking Nickels
  • Coins through the Table
  • The Master Routine

...And much, much more!

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